Black Metal Lyset tar Oss / Burzum<h3 class="title template-title" title="Hvis Lyset tar Oss / Burzum">Hvis Lyset tar Oss / Burzum</h3> <p class="template-info"> CD | <a class="tarzan" href="/Default/search.aspx?SC=DEFAULT&QUERY=Author_exact%3a%22Burzum%22&QUERY_LABEL=Recherche+sur+Burzum">Burzum</a> | 2010</p> <p> </p> <p class="item-CallNumber"> <b> Classé à : 2.40 BUR DISCOTHEQUE </b> </p> <img src='' />2017-03-30T15:29:08+02:003288839 in the north / Immortal, groupe voc. et instr.<h3 class="title template-title" title="Battles in the north / Immortal, groupe voc. et instr.">Battles in the north / Immortal, groupe voc. et instr.</h3> <p class="template-info"> CD | <a class="tarzan" href="/Default/search.aspx?SC=DEFAULT&QUERY=Author_exact%3a%22Immortal%22&QUERY_LABEL=Recherche+sur+Immortal">Immortal</a> | 1996</p> <p> </p> <p class="item-CallNumber"> <b> Classé à : 2.40 IMM DISCOTHEQUE </b> </p> <img src='' />2017-03-30T15:24:58+02:00718109 cult Armageddon / Dimmu Borgir<h3 class="title template-title" title="Death cult Armageddon / Dimmu Borgir">Death cult Armageddon / Dimmu Borgir</h3> <p class="template-info"> CD | <a class="tarzan" href="/Default/search.aspx?SC=DEFAULT&QUERY=Author_exact%3a%22Dimmu+Borgir%22&QUERY_LABEL=Recherche+sur+Dimmu+Borgir">Dimmu Borgir</a> | 2003</p> <p> </p> <p class="item-CallNumber"> <b> Classé à : 2.40 DIM DISCOTHEQUE </b> </p> <img src='' />2017-03-30T15:23:56+02:003404218 mysteriis dom sathanas / Mayhem<h3 class="title template-title" title="De mysteriis dom sathanas / Mayhem">De mysteriis dom sathanas / Mayhem</h3> <p class="template-info"> CD | <a class="tarzan" href="/Default/search.aspx?SC=DEFAULT&QUERY=Author_exact%3a%22Mayhem%22&QUERY_LABEL=Recherche+sur+Mayhem">Mayhem</a> | 2013</p> <p> </p> <p class="item-CallNumber"> <b> Classé à : 2.40 MAY DISCOTHEQUE </b> </p> <img src='' />2017-03-30T15:23:34+02:001049929 Metal / Venom<h3 class="title template-title" title="Black Metal / Venom">Black Metal / Venom</h3> <p class="template-info"> CD | <a class="tarzan" href="/Default/search.aspx?SC=DEFAULT&QUERY=Author_exact%3a%22Venom%22&QUERY_LABEL=Recherche+sur+Venom">Venom</a> | 1982</p> <p> </p> <p class="item-CallNumber"> <b> Classé à : 2.40 VEN DISCOTHEQUE </b> </p> <img src='' />2017-03-30T15:23:06+02:00